Fashion templates of your body,

to sketch your dream wardrobe.  

MyBodyModel technology will make fashion sketching templates (croquis) to your measurements
Because every body is different. (And no body looks like those fashion illustrations that are 9 head-lengths tall!)
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Your body model, made to your measurements

MyBodyModel is a body-positive design tool for garment makers and designers.  Here's how it will work: 

1. Enter your measurements into MyBodyModel's online croquis builder. 

2. Get your own figure sketches based on your measurements! 

The more measurements that you enter, the more accurate your custom croquis will be. And the easier it will be for you to sketch your dream wardrobe, and see how it will look on your body

Choose from different poses & download formats

MyBodyModel will have different sketching templates to download. Choose from different poses, PDF layouts, and image file formats. Print your PDF on paper and sketch your designs by hand. Or import your image into your favorite sketching app or design software.

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For a limited time, we're sending a free PDF printable to everyone who signs up for our mailing list. This body-positive coloring page features our seven beautiful prototype models. Our real-body models will form the framework for creating our made-to-measure Croquis Builder. Share your sketches online with the tag #mybodymodelstyle. We'll choose our favorites to spotlight @mybodymodel on Facebook & Instagram!

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I’m on a journey with body acceptance—Every woman is.  I'm getting over the hangup of "This is what my body looks  like." I want to be able to see how a pattern is going to look on my body.

- Mary Beth, garment sewist in her 30's

 I worked hard for so many years at trying to be my 20-something self. This level of looking and working with my body is an opportunity to design and sew clothes that work for me now. It’s a practice of self-love and self-acceptance. That’s the point, right?

- Dd, garment sewist in her 60's

People sometimes have a stereotypical image of what a model looks like. I like that ‘MyBodyModel’ implies that you are owning your body shape and you become the model. 

- Cornelia, garment sewist in her 30's

+get our free PDF coloring page!


MyBodyModel's mission is to create body-positive tools for garment makers and designers. MyBodyModel was founded by Erica Schmitz, an obsessed garment sewist in Portland, Maine. You can follow her makes on Instagram @stitchinschmitz.